The Name of the Prose: Finding a Bitchin’ Title

Titles – love them or hate them, every writer needs to think about them. Whether it’s a potential bestseller or the next bit of flashy fabulousness, just how do you make your piece stand out in the crowd or the slush pile – for all the right reasons? (Actually, with titles, even the wrong reason for standing out isn’t the worst thing that could happen!)

In this session we’ll look at just why certain kinds of promoters, publicists, ad-writers, and by-line composers are paid the big bucks (shh, it’s all relative in the writing world) to come up with the mot juste right for this piece or that one. Through a mix of practical activities, imagination exercises, and brain stretches we’ll find out what titles work, why they work, and when a bad title might be as bad as no title at all.

Bring at least one piece you’re desperate to find a new title for and by the end of the session leave with at least four ideas of what to do with it. We’ll even crowd source a few titles, so come ready to fess all if you’ve one that’s been a particular thorn in your side.

We can’t guarantee an acceptance, but I can promise you’ll leave inspired and excited to re-invigorate those free words that begin each piece of poetry or prose.

What Participants Will Take Away

  • Practical skills in finding new titles that zing.
  • Real world practice in drafting something that sings.
  • Knowledge of what makes a title sting.

There will be an optional opportunity to share. Don’t feel like sharing? That’s totally fine.

Workshop Level

  • All Levels

Choose From Two Possible Dates

Saturday, April 8, 2023: 3 AM PDT / 6 AM EDT / 11 AM BST / 3:30 PM IST / 7 PM JST

Sunday, April 30, 2023: 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT / 7 PM BST

See below for time zone maps.

About Instructor
Electra Rhodes is an archaeologist and writer who lives in Hertfordshire (UK). Her prose and poetry has been widely anthologised and won or placed in dozens of competitions. In 2023 her craft book, ‘Writing Rules’ will be published by Ad Hoc Fiction, and a newly commissioned short story will be broadcast in February by BBC Radio 4. She’s still on Twitter @electra_rhodes 


Click here for the text version of the April 8 time zone map.

Click here for the text version of the April 30 time zone map.

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