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A World on a Page: Focus on the Story Setting

Flash is a medium through which you can create worlds in a few words and populate them with characters, too. Be it the swing on your porch or a hair salon or a bench on a foreign land, oceans away, the place where your story is set in becomes real when described with the right detail. The setting deepens a narrative, draws the reader in, and brings the story alive in their minds. In some cases, the setting is so significant that it overshadows the plot and character. Then, the place becomes the master and the characters are nondescript pawns at its disposal. With a setting so immersive and inseparable, a reader can’t imagine the story happening in another place. This association in the reader’s mind space makes the story jump up every time they physically visit the setting or read about it. In this workshop, we will study examples of well-crafted story settings and write to prompts. Participants are encouraged but not forced to share their writing with others.

Date Sunday, January 29, 2023: 7 AM PST / 10 AM EST / 3 PM GMT / 8:30 PM IST

About Instructor

Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar is an Indian American writer. Born and raised in India, she later migrated to the USA. A technologist by profession and a writer by passion, she is the author of Morsels of Purple, a flash fiction collection, and Skin Over Milk, a prose chapbook. She is a Prose Editor at Janus Literary and a Submissions Editor at SmokeLong Quarterly. More at Reach her @PunyFingers

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Registration opens November 1:

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