Personal Storytelling: Bring Your Authentic Voice to Life
There is an inherent power within your voice and your story–the power to spark meaningful connections, to deepen self-awareness, and even to inspire social change. Drawing from his experience of transforming from a person with repressed stories to an award-winning storyteller, Devan offers tips on leaning into the power of your voice. Participants will learn how to identify compelling angles and nuances within stories and where to discover the heart of their story. Through this process participants will gain a better understanding of how leaning into the distinctiveness of their own voice can empower individual and collective change.

Workshop takeaways:

  1. Self-confidence – believing in yourself and knowing people value the simple truth in your story.
  2. Fulfillment – exploring your experiences to find meaning and own more of who you are.
  3. Listener attention – revealing intriguing beginnings, vivid scenes, and compelling stakes.
  4. Be inspirational – discovering genuine emotions that resonate and call out emotions in others.

Date October 23, Sunday: 8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT / 4 PM BST / 8:30 PM IST (scroll down for time zone map)

About Instructor
Devan Sandiford was born and raised in a small city in Southern California and spent his childhood and young adult years keeping his personal stories hidden from almost everyone. Then feeling a voice within him longing to be heard, he moved to Brooklyn, NY with his wife and their two sons, hoping to push himself out of his comfort zone and find the power in his voice. Devan is now a published writer, an award-winning storyteller, and the program manager of community engagement at The Moth. Devan’s stories have been featured in the Washington Post, The Moth Radio Hour and Podcast, Speak Up Storytelling, Writing Class Radio, and elsewhere. Devan has contributed his opinions on parenting, race, and identity for The New York Times and Washington Post. He loves singing, dancing, and being roasted by his family. He is also currently working on his memoir–Human, Like You: Confessions of a Six-year-old Man. For more information visit Devan’s website at

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