Story Structure

Flexible Forms: Prose Poetry, Flash Fiction, and the Fluidity of Genre
Prose Poetry. Flash Fiction. When these forms are defined, they are frequently compared through a cataloging of differences: identifying what something isn’t, to understand what it is. In this workshop, through discussion, generative exercises, and sharing, we’ll consider not only what differentiates these forms, but also the potential for fluidity across them. Participants will leave with multiple drafts of pieces to reflect on and revise, as well as exercises to support generative writing.

Date June 12, Sunday: 1 PM PDT / 4 PM EDT / 9 PM BST / 6 AM AEST

About Instructor
Jenny Irish’s fiction, poetry, and hybrid writing appear widely in journals including Blackbird, Conduit, Hobart, The Colorado Review, The Georgia Review, The Michigan Quarterly Review, and Ploughshares. She teaches in the Creative Writing Program at Arizona State University, and facilitates a free community workshop every summer. Jenny is the author of the collections Common Ancestor (Black Lawrence Press, 2017), I Am Faithful (Black Lawrence Press, 2019), Tooth Box (Spuyten Duyvil, 2022), and the forthcoming chapbook Hatch.


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