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What is Umbrella?
Join the Crow Collective for Umbrella, an open writing group. We’ll meet online for two hours, writing with prompts, reading our work out loud, and giggling. Respect and kindness are expected from all participants. There are two groups: Rain, and Snow.

Why are there two groups?
There are two groups in order to accommodate lots of different time zones.

Rain: Saturdays, 4 PM PDT / Saturday, 7 PM EDT / Sunday, 8 AM JST / Sunday, 10 AM AEDT

Snow – Sundays, 5 AM EDT / Sunday, 10 AM BST / Sunday, 2:30 PM IST / Sunday, 6 PM JST

Do I have to attend every week?
I encourage you to attend regularly, as that’s a great way to build up connections and a strong writing practice. But if attending less frequently works better for you, that’s just fine.

What if I sign up and find I can’t attend?
If that’s the case, please cancel your registration as space is limited. Click here for instructions.

Will I have a chance to share my work?
Yes, if you’d like to share you’ll have a chance to. It’s optional.

Who is running this writing group?
My name is Sage Tyrtle. I’m a professional storyteller, and I’ve been teaching workshops for the past ten years, helping my students tell resonant, strong, effective stories. My stories have been featured on NPR, CBC, and PBS. I’m a Moth GrandSLAM winner. My written work is available or upcoming in X-R-A-Y, Pithead Chapel, and Apex, among others.

How is this workshop presented?
This workshop is online, live, and interactive. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to keep their video cameras on, as online events are much more fun when we can all see each other.

We’ll gather on Google Meet, which is very similar to Zoom and has built-in closed captioning.

Will this group be recorded?
No, this group will not be recorded.

Why can’t I access the ticket button using the Apple Eventbrite app?

This is a decision on Eventbrite’s part. You should be able to access the ticket button using the website instead. If you’re still having troubles, feel free to get in touch.


Rain May 28 – Saturdays (scroll up for time zone map)

Snow May 29 – Sundays (scroll up for time zone map)

Do you offer any other writing groups?

I’ve just opened up Blizzard. A few people in wildly different time zones wanted the opportunity to write together. Currently I don’t have the resources to run this group once a week, but once a month should work just fine.

When will this group meet?

July 2, Saturday: 6:45 AM PDT / 9:45 AM EDT / 2:45 PM BST / 7:15 PM IST

But it says fifteen minutes earlier on the Eventbrite event.

I know, sorry about that. There’s no way to choose the correct time. We’re meeting at the time above and on the time zone map.

Click here for the text version of the above time zone map.


July 2, Saturday (time zone map above)

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