My name is Sage Tyrtle, I run the Crow Collective. When the pandemic began I had been telling stories on stage since 2010. At first, I told stories in online storytelling shows, but there were only so many and I started to look for something new.

I chose writing. I’d been telling true stories on stage, but now I could tell stories about anything – robot teachers, evil hyenas, monsters ravaging Toronto’s waterfront. I discovered the international writing community, encompassing people all over the world. I discovered how much I enjoyed writing in online rooms with other people.

But when I started looking for classes to take, they were out of my price range. Even the weekly writing groups cost money. When I saw others creating workshop collectives for low cost workshops I thought – hey. I could do that too.

So the Crow Collective began with the first workshop in September 2021 and I couldn’t be happier with the direction the project has taken. Every workshop includes two free spots if needed, 100% of the registration goes to the facilitators, and when people use the Tip Jar that money goes towards extra free spots.

I started the free weekly Umbrella Writing Groups for people who – like me – wanted to join a writing group but didn’t know how to begin.

People from almost every continent have attended these classes, and the upcoming workshops include facilitators in North America, Europe, the UK, and India. Maybe I’ll see you there? I hope so.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me.

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