Facilitator FAQ

Are the workshops live (synchronous) or offline (asynchronous)?
All the workshops are live.

How long are the workshops?
Generally two hours (prepare for 1 hour, 45 minutes to leave room for breaks and Sage’s introduction and closing). Sometimes the workshops run over a number of weeks.

How are the workshops presented?
The workshops are presented via Zoom. Participants are encouraged (not required) to keep their cameras on, as workshops are more fun when we can all see each other.

What features are available with Zoom?
Zoom includes closed captioning, breakout rooms, screen sharing, polls and chat.

Will there be a break?
Yes. At the one-hour mark, we take a five minute break.

Will Sage Tyrtle attend the workshop?
Yes. I’ll be there for tech and admin support, and to participate in the workshop as well. I will introduce you and close out the workshop.

How many registrations will be available?
The minimum and maximum numbers are your choice, up to 20 participants.

Does my presentation have to conform to a specific template?
No. Your presentation is entirely your own.

What timing works best for scheduling my workshop?
Generally morning EST and evening EST work best in including as many time zones as possible. If it works for your own time zone to do both, I encourage facilitators to do so. The time zone map below shows what times work for which countries.

How will I know how many people have registered?
I’ll keep you up to date via email.

Will the workshops be recorded?
No. The workshops will not be recorded.

How much does the Crow Collective charge for each participant?
I always offer two free spots if needed, and I charge $17.60 CAD (plus event fee), which works out to approximately 10 GBP / 12 EUR / 13 USD / 1020 INR (currency fluctuates).

If the workshop runs over a number of weeks, the participants pay $17.60 CAD per two hour block.

How much of that fee goes to the facilitators?
Facilitators receive 100% of the fee. (The Tip Jar option goes to currency conversion fees and to create new free spots if needed.)

How is the money transferred to the facilitators?
I transfer the money via Paypal right after the workshop ends. (Venmo is unavailable in Canada.)

How can I become a facilitator?
Click here to let me know you’re interested.

How can I contact you with more questions?
Click here to contact me.

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