Flesh Cricket Podcast

This generative writing podcast includes weekly prompts in all forms, including the writing game Flesh Cricket – I’ll give you a word every thirty seconds, and you include that word in the sentence you’re writing. Come play!

“This flesh cricket podcast is a fabulous idea! I’m going to tell my writing groups about this – it’s a great writing warm up, and your voice is like a smile.”

Emily Devane, author, Moor Words Workshops

The latest episode is posted by 1 AM EDT, every day. If you don’t see the new episode below, click here to listen.

  1. Flesh Cricket S02E051
  2. Flesh Cricket S02E050
  3. Flesh Cricket S02E049
  4. Flesh Cricket S02E048
  5. Flesh Cricket S02E047
  6. Flesh Cricket S02E046
  7. Flesh Cricket S02E045
  8. Flesh Cricket S02E044
  9. Flesh Cricket S02E043
  10. Flesh Cricket S02E042

This little podcast is the best thing! Writer friends, you won’t be able to resist playing. Short and effective writing prompts!

Helen, Podcast Listener

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