Workshop FAQ

Is there a waiting list for sold out workshops?
Yes. Click here to let me know which workshop. The waiting list will be notified first when registrations open for the next workshop with that facilitator.

How much do workshops cost?
I charge $17.60 CAD (plus Eventbrite fees) for a two hour workshop. Eventbrite charges in Canadian dollars, you can use a currency calculator to see how much that is in your currency by clicking here.

Are the workshops live (synchronous) or offline (asynchronous)?
All the workshops are live.

How long are the workshops?
Generally two hours. Sometimes the workshops run over a number of weeks.

How are the workshops presented?
The workshops are presented via Google Meet. Participants are encouraged (not required) to keep their cameras on, as workshops are more fun when we can all see each other. Google Meet is very similar to Zoom and includes closed captioning.

Where is my workshop link?
You will receive the link via Eventbrite two days before the workshop begins. The link is also included with your ticket in your Eventbrite account.

How do I change my Google Meet screen name?
Click here for instructions.

Will the workshops be recorded?
No. The workshops will not be recorded.

Is there a mailing list?
Yes. Click here to sign up.

Why can’t I access the ticket button using the Apple Eventbrite app?
This is a decision on Eventbrite’s part. You should be able to access the ticket button using the website instead. If you’re still having troubles, feel free to get in touch.

How can I contact you with more questions?
Click here to contact me.

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